UtilitySimObjects  0.5.0
UtilitySimObjects overview

Documentation overview

This library contains SimObjects for visualization and data sharing between programs, primarily for instances of FhSim.


The visualization requires Qt5 to be installed and available on the path. Install under a Qt open source license using the online installer, note that Qt now requires a (free) user account. On Debian-based Linux you probably can use apt-get to install it.

Qt on Windows

Setting PATH from <Win> CMD.exe <Enter>. The example below adds Qt 5.14.1 binary directory for Visual Studio 2017 to path.

setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Qt\5.14.1\msvc2017_64\bin"

Confirm that it finds qmake compiler: where qmake

NOTE** You should make sure that Qt is not already added to path. If the command returns an empty string, it is not on the path.

set | findstr -i path= | findstr -i Qt

Data Sharing

The Connection SimObjects are made for data sharing using a simple wrapper around OMG DDS. The reader and writer classes are made for sharing double vectors. It uses an DdsSignalDllLib.h interface, which is part of Marine ICT's ratatosk. The interface library can be used in other C++ applications, or directly in e.g. python with pyDDS. Please consult SINTEF Ocean Marine ICT group, and one of them should be able to help you.